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April 2022

Project type

Campaign messaging

Keiser is a global sports equipment, education and training company that has influenced and equipped athletes, fitness experts, and specialists, with ground breaking technology for over 40 years.

During the pandemic, Keiser saw unprecedented growth with people looking for home-based fitness solutions in lockdown. However, since the easing of social distancing measures, sales fell to below pre-2020 levels.

The challenge was to deliver an advertising campaign to boost sales of the M3i indoor bike and relaunch the M Series App via social media, print and email, to both UK and US markets.

Exploring indoor bike and sport tech industry insights, it was clear that Keiser needed to broaden its audience. I did this by simplifying technical language into plain English and highlighting the flexibility and durability of Keiser’s engineering, which makes the M3i perfect for everybody: whoever they are, wherever they workout, and however they ride. Forever.

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